Our first blog post!

Hi everyone! After a brilliant summer, the PAA is back!!

We had an amazing time at our summer camps in Kenmare and Celbridge. We can't wait to go back to Kenmare next month for our Halloween camp!

We have a really busy term ahead, with rehearsals for our Culture Night performance next Saturday and preparations for our show in the Helix in May!

The kids have been busy with our vocal coach David all week preparing songs from Mamma Mia for their auditions which are kicking off during next week's classes. 

We are also introducing Star of the Week, which is an award given out each week at the PAA to a student who stands out. It's scored on attendance, attitude towards the work in class, ability to work as a team and push themselves a little further. The Star of the Week will get to keep their trophy and will make it onto the star of the week hall of fame on our website. Stars of the week will be shortlisted for star of the year, where the winner will receive a full PAA scholarship for next year.

We're also very excited about the PAA logo change and our new uniforms!! New uniforms will be on sale in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime look out for any of the teachers wearing samples during class! 

Talk to you guys next week, with more news and updates from PAA Towers!

Becka Rose :)