Please take note of our code of conduct and T's&C's.


All students must agree to co-operate with the Academy's code of conduct;

  • All students must arrive ON TIME for their class.
  • People arriving repeatedly late may be refused entry.
  • Students should not interfere with, or touch any property not involved in the class. (musical instruments, creche property etc.)
  • Suitable clothing must be worn by students. NO JEANS or DENIMS.
  • Tracksuit bottoms and trainers are acceptable.
  • Chewing gum and other foods are not permitted in class. Drinks (i.e water) are fine.
The Academy will NOT tolerate bullying in any form. Any student making fun of, or jeering another student will be removed from the course.
This agreement is made between;  Performing Arts Academy, Unit 12 Knockmitten Business Pk., Nangor Rd., Dublin 12, herein after called 'the Agent', and the enrolled student herein after called 'the Artiste.
It is agreed between both parties as follows:

  • School fees are to be paid in full on or before the first day of term. Unless previously agreed payment plan is in place.
  • At least one item of PAA Uniform must be worn in class and on school outings.
  • No refund will be given as a result of any classes missed by the Artiste.
  • The Agent will send the Artiste for auditions when he feels best suits them.
  • The Artiste shall pay a commission of 20% for all work appointed to them through the Agent. The Agent shall be responsible for negotiating fees and conditions for the Artiste's performance.
  • Upon arrival to auditions, The George Mc Mahon Performing Arts Academy should be put forward as your agent and PAA uniform must be worn, unless otherwise stated.
  • The Artiste must attend all engagements on time at the required place.
  • The Artiste must not perform in public without the permission of the agent.
  • The Artiste must accept that the Agent reserves the right to use images from, and part recordings of, the productions and rehearsals in which you take part in, for use on our website and in other promotional media.
The Agent is your sole agent with regard to any engagement.


When can I sign up???

You can sign up at any time. Just text 0879234646 and we'll let you know if there's a place for you straight away.

Can I try a class for free before I sign up?

Yes students are welcome to try classes out for €10. If the student likes it, they can just pay the balance of the term the following week

Do I need to pay in full or do you have payment plans?

Payment is due in full on or before first day of term. Text us on 0879234646 for more information on our fee policy.

My Child is Shy, Can I stay for the class until they settle?

Parents are not allowed into the studio. If you have a shy child, you can assure them by telling them that you will be outside if they need you. If there are any problems or the child does not settle, we will contact you.

Do I need to wear a uniform?

Yes we have uniforms, T Shirt is the minimum requirement and can be ordered online or at class and costs €10.